reo speedwagon

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Date:  Saturday 26th

Time:  3:30pm - 5pm

project 3:13

a tribute to reo speedwagon

The New Project 3:13 is poised to become a powerful influence in rock history. Michael, as the talented vocalist and his exceptional band will mesmerize audiences with their energy-packed shows.


In 1988, the magnificently rich vocals of Michael Jahnz caught the attention of Gary Richrath, former lead guitarist and songwriter for REO Speedwagon. At the time, Jahnz was playing with his band Vancouver in the prestigious Hollywood circuit at places like the Roxy, Whiskey-A-Go-Go and the Troubadour, and had previously enjoyed success touring with Badfinger.


Contemplating a solo career after $30 million in record sales with monster hits like "Ridin' the Storm Out" and "Take It On the Run", REO's Richrath formally asked Jahnz to join his new band, Richrath. The resulting combination of Jahnz on vocals and Richrath's legendary guitar and song writing abilities formed a dynamic team. After drawing crowds of theousands throughout North America, the band finally relented to the demands of fans for a new CD, and headed into the recording studio amidst a grueling tour schedule. Only the Strong Survive was released on GNP Cresendo Records in 1992, featuring outstanding original recordings by Jahnz and Richrath. Says Gary Richrath, "Michael Jahnz is a tremendous singer and songwriter. His songs are just dynamite!" So good, in fact, that Richrath shared song writing responsibilities, and credits him with nearly half of the song that appear on the CD.


Jahnz and Richrath then head back into the recording studio with a collection of dozens of songs they had been writing on the road and in the interim. After scores of late nights in the recording studio (many until 3:13 am), Richrath and Jahnz amicably parted company, with Jahnz forging ahead with his new material aptly titled Project 3:13.


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