RV Camping

RV parking (25 electrical spaces) is available. Entire stay is payable upon arrival.

RV’s are parked on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations. Check Out Time – 11am. Payment is at Entry Booths. Parking staff will place your vehicle in space. If staff did not place you, you may be asked to move. Place receipt in visible location in vehicle. Vehicles or RV’s parked without permits or permission may be towed at owner’s

expense. For additional information, please contact Madonna Ohse at 218.623.1283 or mohse@decc.org.


Electrical Site RV – Rate - $45 per day – See Entry Booth

Single Space Vehicle

Overnight Parking w/Electricity – $30 per day – See Entry Booth

Space & Amps vary depending on location. For RV - Use of slide outs and awnings may be limited. The DECC does not furnish electrical cords.

It is strongly recommended that you bring 100’ extension cords.


Non-Electrical Site RV – $30 per day – See Entry Booth

Single Space Vehicle

Overnight Parking without Electricity – $15 per day – See Entry Booth

Space varies depending on location. For RV - Use of slide outs and awnings may be limited. Single Space Vehicle

Multiple Day (No Camping) – $5 per day per space / 2 or more spaces- $10 per day– See Entry Booth

Daily –

 $5 per day per space / 2or more spaces- $10 per day– See Entry Booth

• Valid Midnight to 11:59pm


Handicap Parking – Lot B near Entrance and Ramp Level 3

Maximum of 1 space per day. 1100 space parking ramp. Surface lot on east, west & center areas.

Payment can be made with cash, check at the Entry Booth

Payment can be made with credit at the DECC Business Office 8a-5p

Permits must be visible in window of vehicle. Space is not sold; it is rented for the time indicated on the permit. Quiet Hours Enforced – 11pm-7am No loud music or parties during these hours.

Arrival After 10pm Please see parking attendant at Entry Booth the next day. Pets

We welcome pets who are contained in proper kennels or leashed. Proper and healthy cleanup is expected. No disturbances.



• No charcoal BBQ grills

• No open fires/campfires

• Propane stove are allowed in grassy areas only. This includes open wood fires in metal pits or BBQ grills. We are a

parking lot with a license to park RV’s overnight. We are subject to

different fire codes than a campground and therefore we cannot

allow open fires. This is for the safety of everyone in the parking lot. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is not permitted in the DECC parking lot. Duluth City code Section 8-22 prohibits alcohol consumption in

public places. Duluth Police patrol the parking lot and may issue

fines according to the law. For Safety Purposes The DECC is not responsible for security or liability for overnight

campers/parkers.Use only unbreakable plastic containers.

Bathroom Facilities

 Entrance D – to Paulucci Lobby restrooms – Wed- Friday 7am-5pm

 Bayfront – Fri 1pm - Sun 6pm

 DECC Lot – Port a Potties -Wed 2pm - Mon 12pm

Sewer or septic hook-ups are not available at the DECC.

Dumping is strictly forbidden. Showers Duluth YMCA – 302 West First Street – 218.722.4745

20 Amp Circuit Power Outlets Please do not use 30 amp adaptors. Instead, use 20 amps per outlet

& plug appliances directly into separate circuits or run only one at a

time. This approach will prevent the circuit from overload. If you

run an air conditioning unit, you will use the entire 20 amps. It may

take a while to get it reset, so please be careful. Water pumps and

battery chargers draw a significant amount of power. Garbage and Recycling Garbage and recycling containers will be available in parking ramp. Please bring your garbage to these locations.

Thank you for following proper & healthy disposal procedures.

Water Potable Water – Spigot available Entrance A – around corner next to


Waste Pump/Grey Water Service Call Brent’s Biffie’s at 218.729.8392


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